Landscape Maintenance Services in Tulsa, OK

Virtually Every Property Cleanup and Removal Service for Home Owners, Real Estate Agents and Commercial Restoration Companies


Seasons Debris Removal adds beauty and financial value to homes large and small, acreage, empty land, or lots that need fence-line cleanup, dirt work, ground preparation, vegetation removal, debris haul offs and more. We give property an affordable facelift that turns unsightly messes, overgrown nature, and littered wasteland into fresh new canvasses ready for planting, landscaping, building, and dreaming.

View our services below, then close your eyes and imagine all the possibilities Seasons Debris Removal can offer your space.

Seasons Debris Removal Services                                      

  • Property cleanups
  • Fence-line vegetation clearance
  • Weed, tall grass and hedge removal
  • Heavy underbrush, thickets and small tree mulching
  • Tree trimming, removal and stump grinding
  • Dirt work
  • Grading work/drainage problems
  • Land preparation for above-ground pools, trampolines and outbuildings
  • Landscape expansions
  • Landscape preparation (cutting in or expanding new beds, spreading aggregate material, boulder placement)
  • Landscape removal (dirt, turf, railroad ties, brick, fencing, concrete, existing plants, bushes and hedgerows, closing up beds and returning them to grass)
  • Garden and flower bed preparation
  • Storm debris cleanup, removal and hauling

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