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Wanted: Ugly, Dirty, Hand-Wringing Property Cleanups

For Seasons Debris Removal, getting our hands dirty isn’t just part of the job—it’s the reason we get up in the morning. Quite simply, we love making a clean sweep out of a dirty job.

The Seasons Debris Removal team is composed of a hand-selected group of cleanup professionals with brains and brawn, who combine knowledge and experience with tender loving care to, literally, clean up your space. We don’t roll in with monster machinery that can often damage your lawn, but use the latest commercial equipment to carefully but precisely remove, thin out, clear fence-lines and and clean up yard messes.

You might call Seasons Debris Removal property visionaries—the kind that sees beyond the debris, thigh-high weeds and snarled vegetation to restore your land quickly and affordably.

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Yard Cleanup
Seasons Debris Removal Owner Seth Schwarm

Now, a Word From Our Seasons Debris Removal Commander

Company Commander and Owner Seth Schwarm discovered early on that his high proficiency in mathematics, chemistry and physics (no kidding) could only lead to an 8-to-5, desk-tethering routine. So, Seth started his own business doing what he loves most—working outdoors, using his hands and his STEM brain.

Seth researched the best methods, tools and machinery for property restoration, then saved his money to invest in the latest equipment. He took the jobs no one wanted, and he exceeded his customers’ expectations every time. He demonstrated character and quality work not regularly seen in professional property cleanups.

When the great December ice storm hit in 2007, paralyzing the entire state of Oklahoma, Seasons Debris Removal was ready for its greatest challenge. For many clients, Seth and his team became the calm after the storm. Since then, Seasons Debris Removal has grown into Tulsa’s most highly respected, go-to resource for exterior cleanup, enjoying the kind of repeat business, referrals, and excellent word of mouth that money can’t buy. Seth will be the first to tell you, he would be honored to demonstrate his commitment to service and integrity to you.