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About Seasons Debris Removal

To us, dirt work is just about the best work in the world.

For as long as he can remember, Seasons Debris Removal owner Seth Schwarm has loved to work outdoors. Tree trimming or taming an unruly Back 40 jungle in preparation for landscaping – if it's outside, Seth is happy. Sure, he had a high proficiency and associated education in mathematics, chemistry and physics, but he'd rather be working the dirt to bring out the potential in a piece of ground. After attending Rogers State University in Claremore, Seth took a field position with a local land surveying company, where he could be surrounded by Mother Nature's offerings. Before long, he joined a Tulsa surveying and engineering firm, where he learned about systems and efficiencies, and how they worked in the big picture. Soon, Seth started writing databases for other companies, setting up their operations and organizing their businesses. Despite his successes, however, he longed for the great outdoors.

After much contemplation, Seth decided it was time he went into business for himself doing what he loved most – working outdoors, using his hands and his brain. Researching the best methods, tools and machines for property clean-up following storms, Seth saved his money and invested in equipment designed to perform in the rough stuff. For Seth and his growing team, no challenge was too big. Whether it was changing the perplexing slope of a yard or yanking out stubborn terraced walls or landscaping beds, Seth and his team took the jobs no one wanted – and they consistently exceeded their customers' expectations.

When the great December ice storm hit in 2007, paralyzing the entire state of Oklahoma, the Seasons Debris Removal team rose to its greatest challenge and hasn't looked back. Seth makes it a point to personally supervise every job his team performs, and it's this dedicated service and attention to detail that brings the company repeat business, referrals and excellent word of mouth all across Tulsa. Seth and his talented team would be honored to demonstrate their commitment to service and integrity to you as well.

Seth Schwarm